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4 Key Steps for your Dental Treatment in Hungary


Contact Our Dedicated Team

Speak to a Specialist! Real People with Expert Knowledge will give you Personalised Advice! Meet with your Dentist in London!



Your Treatment Plan/Quotation

After a Personal Consultation or receiving your panoramic x-ray via email, we will make you a PersonalizedTreatment Plan / Quotation.


Make Your Bookings

We will book your chosen accomodation near to Our Dental Clinic in Budapest downtown. Book your appointments and your FREE Airport/Hotel transfer.


Travel for Your New Smile

Our Team Member will wait for you at the Budapest airport and drive you to the Hotel. After you relaxed we can start your treatment!

Best of Budapest Dentistry

Multi Award Winning, Best of Budapest Dentistry

Our Clinic, is one of the most well known and most reliable clinics in Budapest, as attested by the 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 ,2014 and 2015 Best of Budapest Award.



Affordable, Top Quality Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Hungary

Save money on the best possible dental care and dental implants in Hungary!

If you need a cosmetic dental procedure or an implant, but shy away from the high price of care in the U.K., you are in the right place. Speak with one of our U.K. based consultants, and arrange to come to Hungary’s capital for only the best quality care. Our Best of Budapest Award speaks for itself. At Implant Hungary, we specialise in seeing to all possible needs and requirements of UK patients abroad. We see more than 2,000 satisfied patients every year and have placed more than 30,000 successful implants in the last 10 years. Come and see why Hungarian dentistry is the best in Europe!

Before you rush to the airport, visit our London office for a complete consultation. There, you will receive a complete treatment plan and quotation with our Budapest and London clinic prices. If you opt to receive your treatment in our Budapest surgery, we can also help arrange your trip the same day. Nothing could be simpler!

Implant Hungary makes your dental care as simple as possible. Let us book the accommodation for you as well and you will receive:

  • *free airport transfer.
  • *free transfer between the clinic and hotel.

Most popular treatments :


 Our patients can save up to 70% on treatments with us compared to standard UK prices.

If you need any kind of dental care at an affordable price, please contact our UK based team to discuss the details and particulars of the trip. Be one of thousands this year that will come for the best dentistry in Hungary.

Contact us to make an appointment with our team of consultants, located in London. We will assess your dental care needs, and arrange your entire trip to historic Budapest, Hungary’s capital. Free transport to and from the airport will be provided if you book with us in one of our preferred hotels, as well as free transport between the hotel and our world class clinic for the duration of your treatment.

If you prefer not to travel, we can of course arrange treatment within the U.K.

Why should Implant Hungary be your first choice?

Our fully qualified dentists use their years of experience and cutting edge technology to provide the highest possible standard of care at as little as 1/3 of UK prices.

Each year, more dental tourists come to Hungary for treatment. For example, some 65,000 patients came to Hungary for their dental care in 2009 alone. In 2011, more than 23,000 Britons went abroad for dental care, and most came for dentistry in Hungary!

Budapest is known as the dental capitol of Europe, due largely to the top quality of education provided by Hungary University, and the advanced dental technologies available in our dental clinics.

Be one of the thousands who will come to Hungary dentists this year for care as good – or better – than you would get at home, at prices so low that even including your travel and stay in beautiful, historic Budapest, you will still save money compared to receiving treatment in the U.K.

Advantages of using Implant Hungary.

Your comfort and the excellent quality of service you receive are our top priorities. Our U.K. based consultants can assist you in finding the best hotels in one of Europe’s most historic capitals. If you use our hotel booking service we’ll even arrange free transport from the airport to your hotel, and we provide transportation from your hotel to the clinic and back for the full duration of your treatment.

Unlike most British dental clinics, we offer a free consultation and Panoramic X-Ray for all our patients. Implantcenter, our dental clinic, is one of the most well known and most reliable clinics in Budapest, as attested by the 2009 and 2010 Best of Budapest Awards.

How can it be so inexpensive?

Prices in general are lower in Hungary than in the U.K. However, the superior quality of Hungary’s dental education and of Hungarian dentistry in general, are acknowledged across Europe. The award-winning quality of our service in particular brings thousands of patients to Budapest each year.

We use only the best quality materials and implants. Our goal has always been to provide lasting, quality dental care at affordable prices. That is why dental care and implants in Hungary are 50-70% cheaper, without any loss of quality.

You can ring us from the U.K. at 020 8144 3335 seven days a week. We will arrange a free consultation via email or by telephone during which you will receive all the information you need to make the best decision for your care. If you are able to email us your dental X-Ray, we can also provide you with a free quotation. If you wish to proceed at that time, we can begin helping you plan your trip.

At Implant Hungary we offer experienced and trustworthy dentists, hygienic surgeries, affordable prices, and excellent patient satisfaction. But most of all, we offer the peace of mind of knowing you got the best possible care at the best possible price. See why people the world over get their dental implants in Hungary!

020 8144 3335