Budapest Clinic

Budapest Clinic

Budapest ClinicBeauty which manifests itself in one's appearance, smile, self-confidence and success are important aspects of a healthy life style. Part of this complete appearance is also healthy teeth.

IMPLANTCENTER opened in Budapest to offer you a centre where you can obtain individual treatments specifically targeting your mouth and face area.

The clinic is located in the heart of Buda and designed to meet your state of the art needs. The Implantcenter's central location and its elegant mediterranean atmosphere serve to comfort you throughout your treatment.

The team of international experts consists of three oral and maxillofacial surgeons, eight dentists, two ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) surgeons and an anesthesiologyst. The team's aim is to work for your well-being and swift improvement of your health. To meet this aim they work with the latest technology and can meet absolutely any dental or ENT need you may have.

We offer you the whole spectrum of dental treatment, including aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. Our surgeons are ready, with solutions for the simplest to the most complicated situations in oral surgery and implantology. If you have allergies or any other problems beyond the field of oral surgery, our ENT colleagues will be more than happy to assist with your treatment.

Implantcenter equipped with the latest technology such as digital and panoramic X-rays, surgical and dental equipments, to help your quick and effective treatment.

Services are also offered in general anaesthesia if needed or requested.

Budapest ClinicBudapest ClinicBudapest Clinic



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